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Star Warz - Sat 08-03-08, Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

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Star Warz remains the leading Drum ’n’ Bass event in Belgium. Even after almost 20 editions the Vooruit is still completely full with Drum ’n’ Bass headz, loving it all the way ! Star Warz always unites the biggest international names ( Goldie, Andy C, Ed Rush, Marcus Intalex, Doc Scott, and many more) with the most talented newcomers ( Commix, Break, Black Sun Empire, ... ) and big names or young talents from Belgium (Millennium Kru, D Convict, Juice Blender, Whizz , ...) As such Star Warz represents all styles and evolutions within the scene and gives their public a broad look into the Drum ‘n’ Bass spectrum.

Star Warz keeps innovating but it’s the crowd makes the Star Warz parties such a success: an open-minded, up-for-it public that admires Drum ’n’ Bass, that wants to be surprised and that creates the special atmosphere that makes everybody partying & raving!

Time after time, they are treated to the best that Drum ‘n’ Bass has to offer.

The original “King of the Rollers,” Doc Scott is arguably one of the legends of the the Drum and Bass scene. From Reinforced to Metalheadz to his own label, 31 Records, he has pioneered the sounds we know as Drum and Bass today and continues to lead the way forward. As an artist, he has been responsible for some of the scene’s defining moments including hardcore classics ‘NHS’ and ‘Here Come the Drumz’, ‘Shadowboxing’ and, in his Nasty Habits guise, ‘Liquid Fingers’. As a label owner, he has strived to release music that pushes boundaries with releases such as Marcus Intalex’s ‘ How You Make Me Feel’ and the smasher ‘Vault’ by Pendulum. In 2007, Doc Scott looked forward once more like no other. Reinterpreting the past and bringing two stone-cold classics bang up to date, he brought a new version of ‘Drumz, entitled ‘9507’, and ‘Tokyo Dusk’ (a reworking of ‘Tokyo Dawn’). In addition, there was brand new Nasty Habits material on 31 Records along with releases from DJ Vapour and Mixmaster Doc.

Both as an artist and a DJ, Marcus Intalex represents the forefront of soulful musical drum and bass. From the seminal ‘How You Make Me Feel’ (alongside studio partner ST Files as MIST), to this year’s ‘Eleventh Hour’ LP (together with Calibre and ST Files as Mist:ical), his productions are renowned for pushing boundaries whilst retaining broad appeal. Marcus’ dj sets follow suit and, in carrying the same energy and passion as his music, identify him as a tastemaker and leader in the scene. His versatile style, combined with excellent mixing skills, make Marcus Intalex one of the most in-demand DJs on the circuit and his reputation for breaking new quality music, without compromising the dancefloor, only continues to grow.

Soul:R (Marcus Intalex), 31 Records (Doc Scott), Creative Source (Fabio), Bingo Beats (Zinc), Digital Soundboy (Shy FX)…just some of the labels which will be releasing a Steve Nobes (aka Lynx) track in 2007. Marcus Intalex has been so impressed with Lynx’s productions that he is releasing an album of his on the groundbreaking Soul:R Recordings. Not only that, 2007 saw Lynx integrated into the Soul R camp as an official Soul:R artist and Soul:ution resident dj alongside legends such as Calibre, Marcus Intalex and ST Files. When you add this to increasingly frequent airplay and an impressive set of DJ bookings, it is clear that 2007 will be the start of an exciting career for Lynx. “This producer is going to be big !” Fabio BBC Radio 1.

Without doubt one of the most original and creative forces behind Drum and Bass, Dom & Roland really need no introduction. Whether as a producer in his own right or as an engineer for somebody else, Dominic Angas has always sought to push himself to create music that stands apart with a unique quality of it’s own. As a dj, Dom has the same philosophy as on his production and his sets contain some of the toughest, freshest dancefloor drum and bass around. He continues to travel the world after having toured the globe for over 10 years, proving he’s more passionate than ever before about the music he loves. With a new album and a host of exciting releases planned for his label, 2007 looks set to be one of Dom’s busiest years yet.

The international guests will get the full support of their MC’s Justyce and DRS as well as the residents Millennium Kru, who have struck up a new alliance with MC Dapper. And Star Warz wouldn’ t be Star Warz if they didn’t leave a spot for up and coming talent from Belgium : .Com has been active in the party-scene for a while, most recently with Random Flavor.


Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Ghent