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References: 36th Chamber Rec., 31 Records, Reinforced, UK


Having exploded onto the scene with support from many of the DNB scene's top DJ's, DJ Vapour has fast made a name with his original bassline lead dance floor sound which continues to destroy dancefloors across the world every weekend. Not only that but Vapour’s tunes are continuously played on the radio airwaves with weekely appearances on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Kiss FM, Kool FM and many many more.

Release’s come thick and fast with a relentless release schedule notched up on labels outside of his own 36 Hertz Recordings imprint covering a broad range of labels. Being a successful solo artist has lead to Vapour performing remix duties for many acts including 4 Hero, Opus III, Top Buzz and Ray Keith.

DJ Vapour release's have topped not only the BBC Drum N Bass vinyl sale's chart's but also consistently top the Drum N Bass download sales charts. Also gaining huge amounts of club support from Andy C, DJ Hype, Grooverider, Fabio, Randall, Bailey, Crissy criss, Marcus intalex, Doc scott, Micky finn, Kenny ken, Chase and Status, Sub Focus, and DJ Marky to name but a few!

With his monthly mix series hitting thousands of individual downloads every month Vapour takes his DJing very seriously constantly hunting for the freshest tunes and using the latest technology to advance his DJing style further than the compitition.

36Hertz Recordings:

Having huge success releasing on other peoples labels 2008 saw DJ Vapour embark on the launch of his own label “36 Hertz Recordings”.

Launching the label to showcase not only his own tracks but to also build new artists in need of exposure 36 Hertz soon become a must buy label for DJ’s accross the globe.

With the first release gaining support from Andy C and DJ Hype it flew out of stores and rose to the top of both the vinyl and the download charts cementing the labels place in the DNB scene.

Over the years the label has gone from strength to strength with several
chart topping album projects and a whole host of killer singles.

DJ Shows:

1992 was the year it all started with Vapour purchasing his first set of decks and starting an obsession with DJing that has covered over 2 decades.

With a hunger to always provide first class entertainment and cutting edge music DJ Vapour is certainly not afraid to embrace many styles of DNB / Jungle music in his sets which take in the entire spectrum of DNB / Jungle rather than sit in one style.

Over 5 years ago DJ Vapour became one of the first DJ’s in the DNB scene to start using 3 CD Decks for his sets - A trend that is now becoming commen place! Not one to sit with the crowd Vapour has now embarked on the next phase of his DJing journey....

DJ Vapour “Under Control”

Moving away from the traditional and jumping head first into the future DJ Vapour has been working furiously on his new show “Under Control”. This embraces brand new DJ technology featuring the brand new and highly acclaimed Novation Twitch control unit.

Allowing so much more than a normal turntable based set the Twitch unit allows Vapour to create on the fly loops and remixes of tracks along with some crazy multi FX patching ontop of Vapour’s trademark quick fly mixing style and combination of style’s.

Being one of the only (if not the only) DNB DJ to embrace this technology enables Vapour to bring a completely new level of entertainment to the club and hopefully set the standard for many to follow

Worry not promoters Vapour brings all his own equipment with him to shows so you have no costly equipment hire costs to worry about.