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Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Ghent

How to reach Vooruit by public transport?

De Lijn lijn nr F5
Gent Zuid - Zwijnaarde - Zevergem - Eke Landuit
Halte: Bagattenstraat

De Lijn – lijn nr F14
Gent Sint – Pietersstation – Korenmarkt
Halte: Savaanstraat

How to reach Vooruit by car?

Keep the evening rush hour in mind!
Leave on time. You can still eat a meal, a sandwich or soup in the café.

  • Coming from Brussels Airport, take the A201 direction Brussels.
  • At exit 4 take the R0.
  • Then drive on to the E40 via exit 10 (directions continue below).
  • Coming from Antwerp, Brussels, Oostende, Kortrijk (E40, E17)
  • If you go for the cheapest parking (Parking Sint-Pietersplein):
    • Take the ‘Gent Centrum’ exit, then follow the ‘Alle Richtingen’ sign.
    • Once you’re off the viaduct, turn left at the lights (under the viaduct). This will lead you onto the Ghent ring road.
    • At the second lights, take a right turn, into the Overpoortstraat.
    • Continue along this street until you arrive at the Sint-Pietersplein.
    • There’s an inexpensive underground parking lot located here.
    • Vooruit is situated on the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat, at walking distance from the parking lot (see also: parking)
  • If you go for the closest parking (Parking Gent Zuid):
    • Take the ‘Gent Centrum’ exit, then follow the ‘Gent Centrum’ sign once again instead of the ‘Alle Richtingen’ sign.
    • Once you’re off the viaduct, go straight on at the light (park on your left side).
    • Keep in the left lane. Like this, you can drive straight into the parking lot.

When  leaving the parking lot, keep the library to your left and the shopping centre to your right and walk up to Vooruit (see also below, under parking)