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Star Warz presents The North Quarter X Ish Chat Music

Star Warz presents The North Quarter X Ish Chat Music - Sat 06-10-18, Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

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After a wicked touchdown at the holy Tomorrowland, Star Warz is excited to go back to its home base: the beautiful Vooruit in Ghent. They are teaming up with the inspiring Drum ‘n’ bass labels The North Quarter and Ish Chat Music.

Metalheadz favourite and master of soulful drum & bass, Lenzman, launched his very own label, The North Quarter, in 2016. It was named after the area he grew up in. The imprint provides an outlet for those who "share a love and dedication for all things soulful." Sounds good to us!

The label isn’t just about him. He puts out other people’s music as he feels the soulful stuff is under represented in a way. “In the mid-2000s there was more of it about. I feel there are a lot of producers that I rate who are struggling to get love from labels. Having my own label gives me a platform to support them.”

SpectraSoul founded their own label, Ish Chat Music, two years ago. The UK duo of Jack Stevens and David Kennett have been staples of the Shogun Audio roster for years, establishing their polished and melodic take on drum & bass (and beyond) over a steady stream of EPs and albums. With Ish Chat Music, named for a track from their first album, they're striking out on their own. "As artists, we have always written lots of different types of music," the duo say in a statement. "We wanted to create a vehicle to present some of those varied styles in a shorter format as opposed to an LP."  

Prepare yourself for a wicked night!


Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Ghent