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The Untouchables

References: Vampire Rec

The Untouchables

THE UNTOUCHABLES.. ..Is a collective that started at the dawn of the new Millenium. A colaboration of : DJ KAY & DJ NITROX based in Belgium. .. ..The Untouchables signatures and style is Heavy, Black , Progressive , Old Skool Influence , with a Tech-Edge Dub-Plate Sound . They have played all over, Belgium , France, England, Hollande, Germany ... in all sorts of events (Dour , Leaf , Aironef , fuze , Le Gazon...). They've just signed to label such as Cylon, Vampire rec, Diablo rec,... And are currantly workin' on Projects with Gremlinz, Loxy, Munk, Amaning, Btk (Identety)..... ..Kay's unique style is a mixture of Heavy Bass lines and Percussive enrgy. Her Old school influences from back in the days is the key to her approach to drum and bass... .. Nitrox is the co founder of the Original Universal Project collective He has put out tracks as part of the Project or co procuced with Dj Keaton, on well establiched labels such as Renegade Hardware, Feark recording, Quanrentine, Virus, True Playaz, Advance..... .. Released :.. .. - Translation recording - Lion of judah - the Untouchables - not your fool ep - Diablo 001 - Regarded with Fear - the Untouchables feat Freeman.. - Forecast 002 - Gajin - The Untouchables.. - Forecast 002 - War - The Untouchables.. - Vampire LP - Congoman - The Untouchables.. .. Forthcoming :.. .. - Danger chamber - Blood Storm ep - The Untouchables.. - Vampire - Ingenium - The Untouchables.. - Vampire - Dubsteppers - The Untouchables.. - Vampire - True Skool - The Untouchables.. - Vampire - Sounz of freedom - The Untouchables.. .. ..FOR BOOKING INFO CONTACT :