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References: RAM, Metalheadz, Shogun, UK


In 2009, S.P.Y has firmly established himself as one of the most exciting producers and DJs in drum & bass. With a range of productions across top labels, he’s released on Innerground, Metalheadz, Soul:r and more demonstrating both quality and consistency. A talented new artist and highly-skilled producer, S.P.Y has already proved himself in the studio working alongside the likes of DJ Marky, Marcus Intalex and Total Science. Crisp, clean breaks rolling over deep basslines are his stock-in-trade and a busy DJ schedule has seen appearances across world everywhere from Australia to his native Brazil. He’s keeping up the pressure in 2010, remixing Deadmau5 as well as working on an album with Marky for Innerground.

Since moving to London from Sao Paolo 7 years ago, Carlos Lima aka S.P.Y hasn’t looked back. Initially drawn to the city for it’s music and culture, S.P.Y soon settled in amongst the vibrant drum & bass scene. With a background in DJing stretching back to the age of 12, his skills behind the turntables were already in place and he set out to make his mark as a producer. A natural talent for music production certainly helped and, after just six months of learning on basic equipment, he signed his first ever release to Metalheadz in 2005. His impressive debut ‘Til Dawn’ was included on the Winter of Content compilation album and a sure sign that S.P.Y would be one to watch.

In 2006, he quickly followed up with ‘Black Flag b/w Double Dragon’ for new label Med School and helped set the standard for Hospital’s alternative, more experimental imprint. Developing his own brand of original yet dancefloor-friendly beats, S.P.Y stepped up his game with a further single (‘Ghost Ship b/w Silent Sleeper’) before moving on to release on diverse labels including Critical and Samurai.

A series of collaborations followed with the likes of Mosus, Physics, BCee and Kiat: no surprise, given S.P.Ys reputation in the studio and professional yet easy-going outlook. Together with fellow Brazilian C.A.B.L.E., he forms Damage Inc and the duo have released on Total Science’s Advanced imprint. In 2008, two of his joint productions (‘Close Encounters’ with Kiat and ‘Cold 909s’ with Mosus) were among the standout tracks in the excellent DAT Music 2 compilation and marked his debut for Soul:r.

2009 has been S.P.Y’s most prolific year to date, with a whole raft of releases demonstrating both quality and consistency across the top labels in drum & bass. A solo EP for Soul:r brought deeper vibes together with dancefloor sensibilities and saw him working the vocalist Riya for the first time. More collaborations included tracks alongside Total Science and DJ Marky and he’s established regular partnerships with both. To top it all off, S.P.Y also managed a return to Metalheadz with Goldie favourite ‘Moon Patrol’ as well as debuts for 31 Records, Innerground and Liquid V.

Having already proved himself at the highest level, we can look forward to more from S.P.Y in 2010 as he steps up a gear again. An album alongside DJ Marky is in the works to follow on from the success of their recent EP on Innerground and will see the pair working together with vocalists and other collaborators. They’ve also recently remixed Canadian electrohouse superstar Deadmau5, demonstrating serious production credentials as well as crossover appeal. Always quick to adapt and always keen to learn from other producers, S.P.Y has also been working alongside Marcus Intalex with ‘Triband’ plus other tracks set for Soul:r in 2010. Following on from his recent tour of Australia & New Zealand, he’s set his sights on a more intensive tour schedule for the year ahead including a visit to Japan plus appearances for the likes of Fabric, RAM, Metalheadz and Soul:ution.