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Duncan Busto's first break came when LTJ Bukem began playing "Mendacity" at Speed and on his Kiss FM Radio Show, which was snapped up by Timeless Recordings. His music also attracted the attention of Q. Project and Spinback aka Total Science, whom he had got to know through his other work as d & b review writer for firstly Echoes, then major UK dance music monthly, Muzik. "Open Spaces" was released on their C.I.A. imprint. Further well-received releases on Timeless were to follow, including "Chapter 2" and "Confusion" but it was his collaborations with Digital for Metalheadz and Razors Edge that began causing major interest. '99 finished well with the much played 'Final Chapter' also taking top slot in MIxmag.

Combining with Digital once again, the Phantom Audio label arose from the duo's desire to have their own base where there was no set musical agenda. The debut release, "Phantom Force", became one of the most played tracks of '99/'00, closely followed by a watertight selection of successful releases as well as another anthem in 'Remote Control' for Timeless. Phantom Audio continued it's success over the years with a number of key releases, both solo and joint projects, with the duo also being called in for some major remix work, none more so than Shy FX & T. Powers massive hit 'Shake Your Body'.

Spirit's solo work continued with further releases for C.I.A, Timeless, Renegade Hardware (including the mammoth 'Sphinx') and the mighty 'Solitaire' for Metalheadz, culminating in the launch of his own solo imprint, Inneractive Music in the summer of 2002. With Inneractive Music now firmly in position and well into double figures release wise, work for Klute's Commercial Suicide label, the Solitaire Remix on Metalheadz alongside tracks for their MDZ03 & MDZ04 compilations, Marcus Intalex & St. Files Revolve:r imprint and a host of remixes which included the Goldie classic ‘Sinister’. While allowing the label to showcase newer talent from the likes of Amit, Outrage, Tactile, the second half of 2004 saw Spirit concentrate on a long overdue debut album. ‘Puzzle Box’ was finally released on Inneractive in Spring 2005, to much acclaim and spawning the massive ‘Siren’ and ‘Calling Card’, picked by Goldie to appear on his ‘Classics’ Mix cd at the beginning of this year.

Spirit continued to release for some of the scene’s most coveted labels including Hive’s Violence Recordings, Friction’s Shogun Audio and his second full release for Goldie’s Metalheadz imprint, as well as providing the title track for the ‘Detrimental’ ep on Renegade Hardware. He also found time for the odd collaboration, teaming up with Phobia for releases on Inneractive and Renegade Hardware. He debuted his new label, ‘203 Music’, designed to showcase his more melodic and techno-infused side, and released a long-awaited second release in the limited edition 'inner-X' series from the man himself. At the same time, Inneractive presented releases from strong up and coming producers, Nymfo and Need For Mirrors. On the production front, a long-overdue release for old friends Total Science was released on their CIA imprint, as well as some massive Inneractive tunes which include ‘1471’, 'Splinter', and ‘Scrabble VIP’.