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References: Nemesis Recordings, UK


SILVER, along with SONIC, has recorded music for some of the best labels in drum&bass, such as - Metalheadz, Virus Recordings, Timeless, Bingo Records,Renegade Hardware, V Records,Infrared, Reinforced, Soul:r, React, T.O.V., Space Recordings, Bad Company,L Plates,Science Fiction,industry,Chronic,Dsci4, plus many more. SILVER has deejayed the world over several times in places like Japan, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, Columbia,Chile Argentina,Costa Rica,Greece, Germany, Italy, Portugal, France, Hungary, England, Iceland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Holland, Switzerland, Estonia, Norway, Israel, China, U.S.A, Poland, Czech Republic,.. .. Recently SILVER has been nominated best DNB DJ & Best International act at The 2009 Drum & Bass Awards.Silver is already classed at being one of the top 10 Drum & Bass DJ'S in the world. SILVER runs 2 record labels - one being the highly blessed SCIENCE FICTION RECORDS which he co-runs with his partner Sonic the other being NEMESIS RECORDINGS.Silver has worked with many famous artists such as Skream,Digital,A Sides,Jenna g ,J majik,Lutin,Gridlok,plus many more.Silver has now released his last album this year entitled "Dance Dance Dance on Nemesis Recordings and now he is back in the studio with Sonic to make there second album for release in early 2010.Plus on top of all that Silver still finds time to DJ around the world on a regular basis.Look out for more future release from Silver and Sonic in the forthcoming months.