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And four artists in a row with huge albums on Metalheadz as also Mikal scored high with his ‘Wilderness’ album on Metalheadz. The Bristol based producer and DJ is known for his stand out tracks and sets with the kind of dark, uncompromising production and delivery reminiscent of early jungle. Mixmag have frequently championed his work, naming him 'a producer to watch.' He's already released an impressive back catalogue on Friction's SGN: LTD, Skream's Disfigured Dubz and Break's Symmetry. He is consistently featured in the Fabric Live CD series, mixes and Drum and Bass Arena compilations as well as remixing Cause4Concern's 'Never Acid Again' and 'Night Gasp.' Since signing to Metalheadz, Mikal has been included in their Genesis EP series, produced two singles and a killer five track EP, 'Immaterial' that became another Mixmag 'release of the month.'  The 'Wilderness' album features many high calibre artists as Sophie Barker, Break, Chimpo, Xtrah and RIOT.