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Since its inception back in the early 90's Drum ‘n’ Bass has developed at a drastic rate, yet certain themes and characteristics have remained; the charisma, presence and distinctive sound of MC GQ is one such characteristic. MC-ing at the top of the chain for more than 15 years has taken GQ to all the corners of the globe, seen him achieve chart success, and even given him the opportunity to establish his very own record label 'Emcee Recordings'.

Highlights in his career include playing at the same event as Public Enemy in Toronto with over 5,000 people holding their lighters up; being flown to a rave on an island off the coast of Serbia and a helicopter ride to play to 2,000 people in a warehouse in Australia with Andy C. GQ has always been a DJ's MC, seeing his role as a middle man between the DJ and the crowd rather than constantly demanding centre stage.

His versatility is such that he has always been able to tear down a rave, or keep the crowd bubbling to a liquid set. 'It's all about reading the crowd, and adapting your style.' This approach has meant that you are as likely to see GQ at One Nation alongside Hype as you are to see him with Goldie at a Metalheadz session. Consistency and adaptability have kept GQ at the top of the MC ranks for 15 years and has made him partner to pretty much all of the top flight DJs.