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M Zine & Scepticz

References: Proximity Rec, R Value

M Zine & Scepticz

M Zine & Scepticz are two friends & producers hailin’ from the east of Flanders. M Zine gained support for his tunes from international dj’s such as Loxy, Dbr uk, Spinline, Hydro,.. and had releases on Demand Recordings and  IM: LTD. He stands solid as a rock with his fresh, minimal & techy sound.

Scepticz is part of the R value crew & known for his energetic deep dnb sets. These two producers won’t disappoint with their set, each one having played on some of Belgium’s leading dnb events. Together you can find them on Samurai Music, Demand Records, Proximity Recordings, E-Motion Records, IM:Ltd, R-value and as Shellshock & Subsonik residents.