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Juice Blenders

References: Liquid Flavaz, Democrazy

Juice Blenders

Nico Juice and Alan Johnson started dj-ing in the mid nineties and were mainly fascinated by break-beat experiments on UK-based labels such as Mo' Wax, Ninja Tune and the like. Continuing on this path, the Juice Blenders became one of the leading figures in the early drum 'n' bass scene in Ghent.  It was fun while it lasted, but eventually they got a bit bored of the prevailing purist way of thinking. By the end of the noughties the time was right to switch things around, so they decided to focus on the music they really, really love, discarding any restrictions. Instead of one-hour DJ sets, this meant playing long sets with exciting tunes from the sixties till the present, more adventurous and more surprising. Music that comes from the heart... and goes straight to the hips.