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References: Shogun Audio, UK


After commanding the attention of the masses with releases on labels such as Shogun Audio, Soul:R, Renegade Hardware and Critical, Icicle made the move from Holland to London in 2008, and now officially reps Shogun Audio. ‘Spartan’, Icicle’s debut on Shogun, broke a musical mould and securely positioned his elaborate engineering skills on the proverbial map.

With bookings in abundance all over the world, Mr Freeze’s sound ventures have kept the listeners anticipating eagerly his every release prompting a dangerously frosty EP on Shogun Audio in 2009 - the ‘Cold Fear’ EP - featuring an ice-cool collaboration ‘Driftwood’ with tech-pioneers, Noisia. Impressively, Icicle’s deep, dark and futuristic dubstep has been fervently received on a global scale and caused groundbreaking responses from the dubstep world, thanks to ‘Minimal Dub’ b/w ‘Xylophobia’ released on Shogun Audio in 2010 and 'Anything' his debut for Tempa, arguably dubstep's most revered label. There really are no constraints to this producer’s aptitude - nothing short of astonishing.

Icicle released his debut album on Shogun: Under the Ice. "The debut album project was something entirely different to everything else I've done so far," explains Icicle. "When you write a 12" you just write loads of tunes and then the label picks two that they think fit their sound, then sell it, that's it. For my album though all the music has to be related in some way and tell a story. You only get one shot at a debut album, so it took time.”

But he obviously got the taste for it as now there’s his second album ‘Entropy’ on Shogun, following the incredible single 'Problem ft. Skittles/The Edge ft. Metropolis'. It came out this winter and delivers his most developed and ferocious music to date. Icicle unleashes a tirade of bass weight, ready to blow the eyes and ears of the electronic music world into next year. Leaning from grime infested urban electronica through to emotionally charged trip hop and full on trademark sci-fi Drum ‘n’ Bass.