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References: Metalheadz, UK


It all began in 1991 at a club night called Rage at Heaven. The rave scene had emerged from acid house and was building its own identity, with pioneer Dj’s such as Fabio and Grooverider mixing cutting edge sounds.The vibe was explosive, the adrenalin was pumping. This is where well-travelled Walsall born B boy Goldie – a name he got while customising gold teeth – knew that he was going to make music, and his music was going to be played at clubs like Rage.

Soon, Goldie met Mark and Dego – AKA 4 Hero - from Reinforced Records, the reference label of the emerging scene for whom he made his first official release, ‘Darkrider’ in 1992, under the Rufige Kru moniker. With its dark atmosphere, steely break-beats and restless vibe ‘Terminator’, his third Reinforced release, introduced what was to become a must in jungle production, time-stretching. This brought a fresh, darker edge to the scene. Jungle had reached another level.

Through his own Metalheadz imprint set up shortly after, Goldie showcased early releases by some of the most crucial jungle artists; from Doc Scott, Photek and Peshay to Dillinja, J Majik and Optical. The Metalheadz weekly residency at London’s legendary jazz club The Blue Note captured the essence of the music to a packed and enthusiastic audience.

Goldie landed a contract with PeteTong’s offshoot FFRR, part of London Records, and released the sumptuous Timeless, a twisted hymn to urban Britain. Hailed unanimously, the album sold over 250,000 copies, comforting a charismatic, passionate and inspired Goldie as the spokesperson of the hippest scene of the times.

Fame kept rising beyond music. While turning into a bona fide celebrity with acting in cult and mainstream films, taking part of high profile TV shows, and becoming a fixture in the gossip columns, Goldie never ever lost touch with his jungle roots. Nothing has captured better his attachment to the music than his sporadic return to the ‘Rufige Kru’ moniker for more uncompromising slices of vinyl, such as ‘Beachdrifta’ backed by a ‘Stormtroopaz’ VIP mix for the relaunch of Metalheadz in 2001. The last few years, Goldie has DJed all over the world, still one of the highest profile ambassador of Drum ‘n’ Bass.

For Goldie, turning into ‘Rufige Kru’ is capturing the essence of what makes him so passionate about music: a dark, unsettling, gutsy sound going back to the roots of jungle, made even more potent through state of the art studio production. In 2006, Goldie enrolled young and gifted producer Heist (AKA Strider) to help him deliver his ultimate tribute to the scene that captured his heart and soul over fifteen years ago: a Rufige Kru album, ‘Malice In Wonderland’ the first artist album ever for Metalheadz.