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Foxy Lady & Mc Elvee

References: Tomorrowland

Foxy Lady & Mc Elvee

Sometimes It’s all about chemistry...  It’s about creating a spark that can light up a whole room, bring color to the world or just make you feel something. All it takes is the right dose in the right combination and you can witness a reaction that can blow your mind. Foxy lady and MC Elvee are an example how 2 elements can fall in place and just bring out the best in each other. When they share a stage, sparks fly, walls will crumble and people will freak out and let go of their daily routine.

It’s a chemical reaction like you’ve never seen before… Pure… Real…with an eye for history and a taste for the present. Their sets are all about variation, wicked combinations, floor fillers and cold stone classics mixed with some straight up happiness, big smiles and some nasty beats.
Drum ‘n’ Bass has never felt this explosive and alive!