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DJ Lee

References: Metalheadz, Atlas Recordings, UK

DJ Lee


Starting off as a resident at the legendary Brunel Rooms in Swindon, Lee played alongside DJ's such as Doc Scott, Fabio, Grooverider and LTJ Bukem. His skills there did not go unnoticed and other bookings began to roll in from all over the country. In 1994, LTJ Bukem, alongside Leo Roche and Sarah Sandy, started the groundbreaking night "Speed" at Soho's Mars club. They needed a resident that would fit the more mature music policy of the night and with Lee having made such an impression with his appearances at the Brunel Rooms he was the obvious choice.

This was a pivotal moment both for Lee himself and for Drum ‘n’ Bass as a whole. Speed quickly became a mecca for fans of this new and exciting genre of underground UK dance music and it made legends of all that played there. Following this explosion in popularity of drum & bass, the newly formed Metalheadz collective began there now world famous Sunday Sessions at London’s Blue Note club. This was another pivotal moment in the evolution of the genre. The night quickly became known as the spiritual home of Drum ‘n’ Bass with ground breaking music being played on a weekly basis and with Lee being made resident by Metalheadz head honcho Goldie, his reputation and standing within d&b was cemented and he continues to fly the flag for Metalheadz to this very day.

Having taken his seat at Drum ‘n’ Bass's top table, Lee spent the following years touring the world spreading Drum ‘n’ Bass to captivated audiences across the globe, gaining residencies in Vienna, Budapest, the world famous 'Watergate' club in Berlin as well as helping to run the legendary 'Source' night in his home town of Oxford. He also developed a close working relationship with Austrian D.Kay and together they crafted some of the scenes biggest tunes including 'Wax'd', 'Tuning' & 'Desire' which served to enhance his already glowing reputation.

With a refreshing ethos of 'music without the bullshit', Lee manages to please the true music connoisseurs as well as the casual ravers which cannot be said for many DJs in the upper echelons of the D ‘n’ B hierarchy and it is certain that Lee is a force to be reckoned with .