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Black Barrel

Black Barrel

The multi genre background of drum &bass artist Black Barrel (Evgenii) has helped him encompass a full spectrum of influences throughout his slick sonic cuts. The first time Black Barrel was introduced to the versatile 174bpm world was through the ‘Pirate Station’ program on Russian channel ‘Radio Record’. It was the ‘World of Drum &Bass’ party in 2014 which would eventually solidify his path. Here he met Alexander Nami; a sound engineer working across a variety of clubs, he had access to pioneer decks, where Evgenii was introduced to the equipment and taught the basics of DJing. His growing experience with the deeper vibes began to serve as a basis for his discovery of imprints like Dispatch Recordings. More recently he released his 3rd EP ‘Labyrinth’ on Dispatch Recordings, demonstrating the ruminations of artists like DLR and Break. His release ‘Still Fucking Warm’ on DLR’s Sofa Sound has continued to set a standard, one which has been gaining momentum on each one of his outputs. And having just begun his journey, Black Barrel epitomises the new breed of producer, bringing with him the contemporary styles and stylistic roots which made the genre originally so recognisable.