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Artificial Intelligence

References: V Records, UK

Artificial Intelligence

Superduo Artificial Intelligence are back at the forefront of the Drum & Bass scene in a new era of releases as they continue to carve a truly unique position in the Drum & Bass scene with their consistently progressive sound. Their debut album for Metalheadz Timeline dropped at the end of last year gaining widespread critical acclaim and the outstanding follow-up EP “Shrine” which hit the official national charts this summer, are testament to their unrivalled heavyweight status.

The latest A.I. DJ sets have also been creating a huge buzz. Full of fresh and exclusive material, they now feature a heavy percentage of forthcoming originals. Seamlessly transitioning from one spectrum to the next, the signature A.I. journey is always guaranteed to showcase future DnB anthems; from smooth, soulful, musical, rolling vibes to massive, bass-heavy, epic grit and each selection sufficiently packed with dancefloor weight. With an ever-expanding number of DJ dates across the world, Artificial Intelligence assure their position as one of the leading lights in Drum & Bass.