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Agressor Bunx

Agressor Bunx

Following a period cultivating their fierce talent and sound on labels such as Citrus and Disturbed, Ukrainian duo Agressor Bunx struck deep into the psyche of the Drum ‘n’ Bass scene with a series of powerful releases on some of the most established labels including Bad taste Recordings, Program, Blackout and Trendkill. But it was their striking emergence onto premier Neurofunk label Eatbrain with ‘The Order’ EP in 2016 that changed everything and gave the Agressor Bunx a sonic family. With the duo featuring heavily on the drum & bass club circuit, they’ve seared their aesthetic deep into the hearts and ears of ravers across Europe. With 2017 rolling, the future is brighter for the pair than ever, bringing the release of their collaboration with The Upbeats on Noisia’s Vision label and the duo’s first LP on Eatbrain in the form of the ‘Properties of Addition’ LP. The Ukrainian brothers have staked out a fierce and advanced sound field with their evolved and tech-driven funk as well as their audio experimentation pulverizing speaker cones.